Chef Pomme

As with many artists, Khun Thanapol Asawangkul, or Chef Pomme, did not follow a straight line to become a chef. Though he liked to cook for his family as a child, when it came time to study towards a career he pursued Engineering at Chiang Mai University. After graduation, however, his focus turned to music. He was a talented keyboardist and performed with his band at many clubs and restaurants. It was during those restaurant gigs that his interest in food kindled. While watching and helping the chefs he met, that interest in food developed into a passion for cooking. Taking a special interest in French cuisine he enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu, a distinguished cooking school in Bangkok, where he completed courses in entrées and patisserie. After this he continued his learning at several French restaurants in Bangkok, eventually becoming a restaurant manager.

Returning to his home town of Chiang Mai, Chef Pomme joined with his family who own a beautiful garden on the banks of the Ping river behind Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel and Spa to establish Nakara Jardin, a French patisserie and bistro. It is a perfect setting to realise his dream of a small homely restaurant where he conveys and develops his talent in food and patisserie, working to make Nakara Jardin one of Chiang Mai's best bistros.